Lost. Yet to be Found.

IMG_20151227_150628384 - Copy.jpg

“So, what you have you thought about your future?”

“Umm, can’t say really. I am more focused on the present.”

“Oh, but then, how will you become a successful person?”

*Looks blankly*

At 22, conversations like these are a dime a dozen. According to The Guardian, the quarter-life crisis affects 86% of millennials. And then, life asks us to make choices, the consequences of which cannot be gauged with certainty.

Human beings are an inherently complex species. We tend to focus more on the past and the future than on the present, which makes things look bigger than they are. Jobs, career, relationships, friends –our plates are full and still, we take undue stress about where our life is heading, conveniently forgetting that the present is right there and it is demanding to be lived.

In situations such as these, getting lost, meandering, taking The Road Not Taken is a part and parcel of the bigger picture, and it’s perfectly fine. There is always a beta version before going gold and that’s the way it should be. You don’t know what to do next? Explore. Too stressed out with something? Take a break. Didn’t get what you were aiming for? Try harder next time or give your cent percent to what you currently have. We have heard all of this umpteen times but its real time application is a different story altogether. Life is a roller coaster and that’s what makes it worth living, that’s what makes us expect the unexpected.

People might say that you are a small speck in this entire population of 7 billion homo sapiens trying to survive in unimaginable ways, but all you need to do is try and find your inner voice, find out what defines you and that is all that is needed to pollinate the world, or whatever your catchment area is (No pun in there, trust me). And as a quote by John Green reads – Get lost, get found or till then, happy searching.

Phew! That’s too much philosophy for a day, even by my standards :P.


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