IMG_5545.jpg“When was the last time you worked without expecting anything in return?”, the poster read. The buzz had already been created when the batch saw that some of their friends were burning the midnight oil to pull off one of the biggest events in college. The team, on the other hand, was prepared to receive any bouquets or brickbats that might come their way. But, were the batch-mates really aware of the effort that those 15 oddballs put in for a month?

It all started in mid-July, when the team was tasked with responsibility of conducting the 3rd edition of one of the most innovative fundraising drives in Pune. Placing a batch of 250-odd students for 2 days each, across the length and breadth of the city was no joke. It required the lectures to be missed at an alarming rate and letting go of our comfort zone. Morning, noon and night – the team had their plates full with pitching to the stores, wall painting, creatives and other backend work which was required. In the two weeks leading up to the event, if you were lucky, any of the 15 zombies could be spotted in the campus, surviving on a packet of chips, a juice and 3 hours of sleep a day. There were ups and downs galore, but living/breathing E.A.R.N. brought out the best in everyone involved.

The final days were a blur. It was as human an event as possible, with joy and tears, completeness and imperfections. Exhausting, yes but with an unparalleled feeling of contentment.

A year later, if you ask any of the team members whether they’ll be willing to go through the same rigor again, the answer will be a resounding, unanimous YES!


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