Gratification – A Logan fan perspective


When was the last time you heard seetis and taalis in a Hollywood movie? Well, this is exactly what happened during the screening of one of the most hotly anticipated superhero features of all time, and deservedly so.

Hugh Jackman hanging up his boots as Wolverine – that piece of news was enough to send the world into a tizzy. And when the first teaser came out, it was a complete departure from the Marvel trailers of yore. Sceptical? Yes, but the name itself meant that it would be more about the person than the adamantium-baring mutant.

To say that it is one of the most intensely satisfying movies I have seen in a long time would be an understatement. Logan effectively captures the human and inhumane side of Wolverine. Here, he is shown fighting his inner demons while struggling for survival and taking care of the people he loves. Jackman puts in a stellar performance as the down-but-not-out superhero and while the title does say “Logan”, the supporting characters are equally fleshed out. Gritty, dark and deep, interspersed with the goriest R-rated action sequences, the movie is a treat for the mind and the heart.

James Mangold and Hugh Jackman, take a bow for giving Wolverine the swansong he deserves. The best superhero film since the Dark Knight? I am game for a debate, people.